Top 10 reasons to have your own home gym

Thinking of designing your own home gym? 

This stunning 6m x 3m bespoke Clifton Garden room in Virginia Water has been kitted out with the latest Philips Hue smart tech. Ceiling mounted speakers and Philips Hue lighting really make this garden room special both day and night. Check out the night photo to see what we mean. Finished with the incredible shadow-gap cedar with portico style ends to the canopy, this garden room is truly one of a kind. 

Top 10 reasons you should have a home gym:

  1. No membership fees
  2. You can design your dream gym and perfect environment
  3. It’s convenient
  4. No travel time
  5. No constraints
  6. Freedom to exercise when it works for you
  7. The whole family can join in
  8. Safer
  9. Pandemic-proof exercise
  10. Ultimate privacy

Ready to get started? Chat to us and let us help you create your perfect Gym Retreat!

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