The Process

The process

You can do one or more of the following, whatever suits you…

1. Visit our website to see the range of styles and options for your budget
2. Call or email us to talk through your perfect retreat
3. Book an appointment at our showroom to see one of our most popular garden room retreats and discuss your dream retreat with one of our expert team

Free site survey

The site survey will check that your plot is suitable and to assist you in designing your perfect garden room. The survey takes no more than an hour and our team will take the necessary measurements and talk to you about how you would like your perfect retreat to look.

Finalise the design

Once the site survey has been completed within 7 days you will receive a detailed quote for your new garden building.

Once you confirm your order and the first stage payment has been made, you will receive the drawings for your new garden room that includes:

- Garden building plan
- Site plan
- Electrical plan
- Drawing

At this point, you can make any changes and then once you are happy we will ask you to sign it off, before placing the order and booking an installation date.

Delivery and installation

The length of time it takes to install your new garden building is determined by the scale of your project. We have completed a basic garden room in as little as 2 days, however, the majority of garden rooms builds take between 10-14 days. Your garden building will go up very quickly using the latest construction methods that allow us to have the building up and weather tight in a matter of days, from here our expert install team will make your garden building your own.

The general timeline for a garden building install

- Day 1 – Concrete pad is laid (this can sometimes happen the week before depending on the weather)

- Day 2/3 - Concrete pad drying time

Day 3/4 - Build team arrives, delivery of build materials and the construction of your new garden begins, building shell, walls, floor and roof

- Day 5 – Preparation of garden building for plastering, electrical work, installation of windows and doors.

- Day 6 – Internal plastering and cladding to the exterior of your garden room.

- Day 7-9 – The plaster is allowed time to dry

- Day 10 – The external cladding completed. Internal painting and electrical work.

- Day 11 – Internal fit-out of your garden building, flooring, sockets, skirting, and heating option.

- Day 12/13 – Finishing touches to your new garden building.

- Day 14 – Handover day, customer sign off and site tidy.

Payment terms

Once you are happy with the proposed plans for your garden building we can send you the first stage invoice for you to secure the installation date

What are your payment terms?

Your garden building price will be split into 3 installments:

- 1st Stage payment – 50% of total value due on confirmation of order.
- 2nd Stage payment – 40% due 14 days from installation date
- 3rd Stage payment – 10% due on completion of your new garden building.

Once your first stage payment is received we will confirm your installation date. You will receive a payment reminder when the second stage payment is due ready for your new garden building to be installed. The third is due upon completion of your new garden building. When the third and final payment is received you will receive your handover pack.

Included in your handover pack will be:

· Keys for windows and doors

· Warranty information

· Installation checklist

· Additional warranties for any bespoke upgrades