Based in West London with a showroom in Addlestone, we serve customers, predominantly throughout Surrey and West London, but also the rest of the UK upon request. We pride ourselves on customer service and delivering a friendly, professional, high-quality service. We work with British suppliers, many of whom are independent and believe in quality over quantity. As standard, we only use a cedar cladding for the ultimate luxury finish. We believe that this is one of the most important items, as this is what you will see most when you look at your completed garden room. All of our buildings come with an internal plaster finish, UPVC grey doors for a stylish and contemporary look. The doors also have Kubu ready smart technology as standard. The roof is an EPDM rubber roof which is much more durable than older felt based roofing systems. The walls are constructed using SIPS panels that have exceptional insulating and noise reducing properties, requiring less energy and perfect temperatures. You may find garden rooms cheaper elsewhere, but we believe that a garden room should look as good as your home and be built to last, which is why we don't offer cheaper alternatives as standard. All our garden room structures come with a 5-year guarantee as standard, 10 years guarantee on the doors and windows and 15 years on the EPDM roof, all for your peace of mind.

Garden room structure and materials

Backed by a 10-year manufacturers warranty
All our garden rooms are timber frame constructions, with rigid 50mm Celotex A+ rated insulation which is covered by plasterboard and skimmed. A decorators mist coat of paint is then applied ready for the top-coat, which is available as an upgrade. This is all wrapped in a breather membrane which makes the garden room waterproof and then the cladding is applied.

The EPDM rubber roof has a 15-year guarantee and a life expectancy of more than 25 years. The roof is neatly finished off with our unique anthracite grey fascia that gently slopes to the back where the water runs off into the drainpipe and away from the garden. The entire structure sits on a steel framed floor with a vermin barrier that never rots.

*Custom or bespoke garden rooms have up-weighted C24 timbers and 75mm insulation that meets building regulation standards. These garden rooms are perfect for garden rooms that exceed 30sqm, or for customers that have a very specific design, style or shape in mind. They come with a Project Manager who oversees the installation and provides daily updates.

Garden room wall make-up

External design, timber choices

The external cladding of your garden room is important as it will create the look you want, whether thats contemporary, or something that fits naturally with its surroundings.
From Siberia, Scandinavia and North America, all of our timbers comes from sustainable wood sources with an FSE certificate. This is wood that is managed responsibly. It is socially beneficial to the surrounding communities and both economically and environmentally viable. 💚

(Image: Step-cedar from the premium range. Available on custom/bespoke garden rooms)

External cladding options

A popular choice for external cladding. Redwood is a soft wood that is naturally rot and insect resistant. Shades vary from dusky yellow tones to creamy pale brown hues. A perfect choice for a simple, stylish garden room. For a painted finish we offer two choices using Tikkurilla ultra classic timber paint Anthracite, a dark grey tone or Sage Green.

Our Siberian Larch, grown at high altitudes, offers a more durable, stronger wood.
Golden brown in appearance with bold annual rings, it exudes natural beauty. We offer a choice of finish for this product: Shadow or Whiskey

Our Western Red Cedar is a firm favourite for cladding.
North American Timber, with shades of reddish brown mixed with dark and light rich tones.
This aromatic and sturdy wood provides an impressive, stand alone feature. Our Western Red Cedar is our premium product.

Cedral fibre cement cladding is an ideal choice for those requiring a low maintenance facade solution for their garden room. With the visual appeal of natural timber, it can transform a garden room. Cedral facades have a minimum life expectancy of 50 years and come in 20+ colours.

This is a unique finish for those looking for an architecturally stunning modern garden room. We are the only garden room company that currently offer this finish and we think it is the most stunning finish of all. Each piece is individually hand-made and the finish is sublime.

Garden Room door and window options

Doors & Windows

For a beautiful contemporary look
Windows and doors can account for up to 25 per cent of the total energy lost from your home, so your new windows and doors need to deliver – not just look great.

All of our doors and windows come with 10-year guarantees and are manufactured to the highest standards, meeting and far exceeding all current regulations in the UK for window and door energy efficiency with Window Energy Ratings of up to A+ and U-values as low as 1.0W/m2K.

Our range of garden rooms come with the highest quality UPVC doors and windows in a selection of colours. Anthracite grey comes as standard as it gives the garden rooms a modern contemporary finish. Whatever your choice of style or finish, it means that your new windows and doors are going to keep your garden room warm and secure for years to come.

We offer a huge choice of doors and windows to help you customise your garden room and get the look you want. All doors and windows come as UPVC with a choice of either black or anthracite frames withcolour on both sides. All bi-fold doors come with aluminium frames. There is the option of a solid cladded door which can match your choice of external cladding.

If you want bifolding doors then they must be aluminium. This is because UPVC bifolds are not suitable in a timber frame. However, UPVC sliding or French doors look amazing and work perfectly in timber frame garden rooms. We offer these in a variety of sizes and colour. It is also worth looking a 4-pannel sliding doors if you want the look of bifolds without the cost.

External Design features

All garden rooms come with fascias and accompanying trims. Guttering and fall pipes come as standard in black or anthracite to match windows and doors.

To enhance design, canopy and overhang features can be added to your pod. These can provide much needed shade during summer months and extra shelter and warmth in the colder months. Canopies can serve as cover for an outdoor kitchen, hot tub or an alfresco dining area.

Ambient lighting and outdoor heating can be added to external pod areas to add comfort and style.

Electrics, heating and lighting

Use the online design tool to choose from a range of switches, sockets, lighting and heating.
All garden rooms come with internal white spotlights to give it a contemporary look. Outdoor spotlights are IP rated chrome spotlights.

Sockets & Switches:
Choose from brushed chrome, white and black. Sockets come with the option of USB ports.

External Lighting:
Up/down lights that sit either side of a door or window are available in either chrome or black.

Outdoor Sockets:
Choose from single or double sockets. Handy if you have an electric lawnmower or need power in that part of the garden.

Choose from a range of energy-efficient electric heaters or underfloor heating. Outside, you can select an infra-red heater to keep you warm.

EDPM rubber roof

Discover the Benefits of a rubber roof

Much more durable than older felt based roofing systems
Discover the Benefits of EPDM Roofing

Looking for a roofing solution that stands the test of time? Look no further than EPDM. While the name might not ring any bells (it stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer), rest assured, it's a name you'll remember once you hear about its incredible advantages.

1. Exceptional Longevity: EPDM roofs have a proven track record of lasting over 50 years, making them the ultimate choice for durability.

2. Permanently Flexible: EPDM maintains its flexibility throughout its lifespan, ensuring it can adapt to changing conditions without cracking or breaking.

3. Superior UV and Infrared Resistance: EPDM is highly resistant to the damaging effects of UV and infrared light, preserving the integrity of your roof.

4. Acid-Resistant: EPDM can handle rainwater's acidic nature, protecting your roof from corrosion and deterioration.

5. Eco-Friendly: Choose EPDM for an environmentally friendly roofing option that doesn't harm the planet.

6. Stable in All Conditions: EPDM exhibits no shrinkage or dimensional changes over a wide temperature range, from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius, ensuring it maintains its performance in any climate.

Invest in EPDM roofing for a reliable, long-lasting, and environmentally conscious choice that will safeguard your property for decades to come.

Concrete ground screws

Solid Foundations:

Ensuring Stability and Sustainability for Your Garden Room
Our garden rooms come with concrete pile foundations as the standard option. These foundations are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, as they utilise precisely calculated concrete holes, minimising waste. In larger projects, especially those subject to building regulations, we employ custom-designed concrete foundations crafted by experienced structural engineers. On occasion, we may opt for groundscrews when they are deemed the most suitable choice for the specific project. Your garden room will always be built on a foundation carefully chosen to ensure stability and longevity.


With a 10-20 year guarantee
We use a foam underlay to help retain heat, prevent moisture penetration and increase the comfort underfoot.

The laminate flooring comes in a choice of four colours; light grey oak, oak, dark oak and slate grey. The light grey oak and black will give your garden room a very contemporary feel and both come with a 10-20 year guarantee. The light and dark oak laminate flooring will introduce warm organic textures to your room and is a great way to create character. It will work best with a muted colour scheme.

Tawny Chesnut Flooring - Garden Rooms
Light Grey Oak flooring