Based in West London with a showroom in Addlestone, we serve customers, predominantly throughout Surrey and West London, but also the rest of the UK upon request. We pride ourselves on customer service and delivering a friendly, professional, high-quality service. We work with British suppliers, many of whom are independent and believe in quality over quantity. As standard, we only use a cedar cladding for the ultimate luxury finish. We believe that this is one of the most important items, as this is what you will see most when you look at your completed garden room. All of our buildings come with an internal plaster finish, UPVC grey doors for a stylish and contemporary look. The doors also have Kubu ready smart technology as standard. The roof is an EPDM rubber roof which is much more durable than older felt based roofing systems. The walls are constructed using SIPS panels that have exceptional insulating and noise reducing properties, requiring less energy and perfect temperatures. You may find garden rooms cheaper elsewhere, but we believe that a garden room should look as good as your home and be built to last, which is why we don't offer cheaper alternatives as standard. All our garden room structures come with a 5-year guarantee as standard, 10 years guarantee on the doors and windows and 15 years on the EPDM roof, all for your peace of mind.

Premium cedar cladding as standard

For a beautiful contemporary look
Cedar cladding is by far the most popular choice for garden offices. It has become popular for a few reasons: it's beautiful contemporary look, the natural reddish-brown colouring, and its natural durability against fungal attack and rot.
Cedar has a long maintenance free lifespan of 25+ years, however, you will need to apply a UV-oil, every couple of years if you want to maintain the new, reddish brown colour, otherwise the Cedar will weather to a silver-grey colour within a few years. This change in colour does not affect the durability of the cladding, but it does change the appearance of the building.
The majority of garden office companies offer Cedar cladding as a premium option, whereas it comes as standard with our garden rooms

Alternative cladding options

For a beautiful contemporary look
There are different cladding options depending on the look and style you want to achieve and of course your budget.

Treated Timber or Larch
The most cost-effective cladding is treaded timber or Thermowood. It has been treated to 200 degrees and during the heat treating process, it becomes more stable than normal wood in conditions of changing humidity, and its thermal insulation properties are improved. The treatment process also makes the wood resistant to decay. Some clients choose to paint their garden room to get the colour they want and if this is the case then treated timber is definitely the best option as there is no point spending money on more expensive wood if you are going to paint it. We would always recommend Bedec barn paint, traditionally used on agricultural buildings and comes in a range of colours. Larch is another cost-effectiveoption and is naturally impervious to infestation and most diseases.

Shadow-gap cedar or Cedral
At the top end of the market is shadow-gap cedar. It really shows of the beautiful craftsmanship and is made up of cedar battons with a Phenolic ply (black board) to create the shadow gaps. Check out the blog on one of our recent projects that used this finish. Finally, and perhaps one of our favourites is a product called Cedral (as shown in the picture). Ideal for people who want zero maintenance or high moisture areas, it comes in over 20 colours, with a stylish wood effect that will last a lifetime. Check out the blog on a recent project with the stunning charcoal grey Cedral finish.

Timber frame construction

For a beautiful contemporary look
Our building are bespoke and unique to each each customer. Constructing using timber frames makes the building more ridged and allows complete flexibility on the size and shape of the building. All our garden rooms use A+ rated Celotex insulation in the floor, ceiling and walls to ensure that the room is comfortable all year round.

Doors and Windows

All of our doors and windows come with 10-year guarantees
Windows and doors can account for up to 25 per cent of the total energy lost from your home, so your new windows and doors need to deliver – not just look great.

All of our doors and windows come with 10-year guarantees and are manufactured to the highest standards, meeting and far exceeding all current regulations in the UK for window and door energy efficiency with Window Energy Ratings of up to A+ and U-values as low as 1.0W/m2K.

Our range of garden rooms come with the highest quality UPVC doors and windows in a selection of colours. Anthracite grey comes as standard as it gives the garden rooms a modern contemporary finish. French or sliding doors come as standard, however, we a huge range of options and colours. The same goes for the windows, although a 1m x 1m comes as standard, we offer a large selection of sizes and colours. Whatever your choice of style or finish, it means that your new windows and doors are going to keep your garden room warm and secure for years to come.

Electrics and lighting

Brushed or polished chrome as standard
As standard, our price will always include the electrical connection to your house up to 20 linear metres. Some companies will charge this as an extra so do check when you get your quote that this is inluced. The electrical survey will check that your existing consumer unit has the space, don't worry if not, we will be able to upgrade it for you, however in 90% of cases this is not required.

All styles of garden rooms are fitted with chrome light switches and sockets. Each garden room comes with 4 double sockets as standard, 6 internal spotlights, and minimum 3-4 external spotlights in the canopy. A PIR sensor is also included, which turns on the external canopy and up/downlights when you approach in the dark. This also acts as a deterrent for intruders.

If you plan on having a TV on the wall let us know and we will hide the cables behind the plasterboard so that it is nice neat. Also, if your wifi signal does not reach the location of your garden room or you require a more stable connection we can install a CAT6 cable for you.

EDPM rubber roof

Roof comes with a 15-year guarantee

Much more durable than older felt based roofing systems
EPDM is perfect for any roofing project where longevity is the goal. It stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, not that you needed to know that, but whenever we mention it, people ask. What you do need to know is that EPDM is much more weather-resistant, and overall much more durable than older felt based roofing systems. Your roof comes with a 15-year guarantee, though they have been proven to last in excess of 50-years.

1. Long lasting ability, EPDM roofs have been proven to last in excess of 50 years
2. Permanently flexible
3. Highly resistant to UV and infrared light
4. Highly resistant to acids from rainwater
5. Environmentally friendly
6. No shrinkage or dimensional changes over a temperature range from -40 to +120 degrees centigrade


Welcoming and comfortable all year round
All gardens rooms come with an electric 2 kW heater as standard and they will ensure your workshop, office or garden leisure room is going to be welcoming and comfortable all year round.
They heat the air quickly and are wall mounted. They are available with 24-hour timers and are thermostatically controlled, which is ideal to pre-warm an office before your day begins, to switch themselves off if you get some nice sunshine, and to prevent offices becoming too cold overnight and affecting computers or other items being stored.
Storage heater - garden room
Concrete ground screws

Concrete base or ground screws?

Both have their merits
We offer a choice of a concrete base or ground screws. There are advantages to both, ground screws are quick and easy, however, concrete bases are more solid and there is no bounce, in the floor, so if you are using it as a gym or have kids, then a concrete base is a better option. The other benefit is that unlike ground screws, a concrete base doesn’t leave a gap underneath the building, which could leave a nice little home for some unwanted residents. So it really depends on the location and use, we will recommend the best base for you at the site survey.


With a 20-year guarantee
We use a foam underlay to help retain heat, prevent moisture penetration and increase the comfort underfoot.

The laminate flooring comes in a choice of four colours; light grey oak, oak, dark oak and black. The light grey oak and black will give your garden room a very contemporary feel and both come with a 20-year guarantee. The light and dark oak laminate flooring will introduce warm organic textures to your room and is a great way to create character. It will work best with a muted colour scheme.

Cell Foam Flooring underlay
Tawny Chesnut Flooring - Garden Rooms
Light Grey Oak flooring