The Garden Room Gym

A space to exercise

No more excuses

Are you like me, constantly battling with the idea of investing in a gym membership, hoping it will finally motivate you to go regularly? But then, the fear creeps in - what if the demands of daily life get in the way, and all that money goes to waste? It's a frustrating dilemma, isn't it? That's where our solution comes in – a home garden room gym.

Imagine this: No more dreary drives to the gym in the pouring rain. No more waiting in line for your turn on the running machines, bikes, or treadmills. With a garden room gym, everything changes.

We've crafted numerous bespoke garden room gyms, each tailored to enrich our customers' lives. We understand the struggle of sticking to a fitness routine, which is why we've designed our gyms to eliminate the barriers that often deter you from going.

Let's talk security - because we know how valuable gym equipment is. Our garden rooms feature high-security 5-point locks and toughened glass to keep intruders out and shield your space from stray footballs and other mishaps.

Whether you're flowing through yoga poses, pounding the treadmill, or lifting weights, a garden room gym lets you customize your fitness routine around your life. Plus, imagine the serene backdrop of your garden as you sweat it out. With bi-fold or sliding doors, you can seamlessly merge your indoor workout with the beauty of nature, bringing the outside in during the summer months and flooding your space with natural light in the winter.

Your gym becomes more than just a workout space – it transforms into your personal retreat, tailored to fit your lifestyle and inspire your fitness journey. Say goodbye to excuses and hello to a healthier, happier you with a garden room gym.

Bespoke options

·   A choice of flooring including rubber gym mats

·   Strengthened wall to mount your TV so that you can watch, whilst you workout

·   Reinforced floor to support the heavy gym equipment

·   Television points behind the TV to keep the wires out of view

·   Strengthened ceiling for punchbags etc

·   Full climate control so that you can exercise comfortably