The Garden Room Gym

A space to exercise
Yoga in Garden Room

No more excuses

If you are like me and you are in a constant mind-battle on whether to buy a gym membership (in hope it will make me go) or worry that daily life will get in the way and I will never end up going, then a home garden room gym could be just the thing.
Whether you’re doing yoga, running on the treadmill, or pumping those weights, a garden room allows you to fit your fitness in around you, whilst making the most of the view of your garden. The bi-fold or sliding doors will bring the outside in during the summer and give you plenty of light in the winter, making your gym your perfect retreat.

Bespoke options

·   A choice of flooring including rubber gym mats

·   Strengthened wall to mount your TV so that you can watch, whilst you workout

·   Reinforced floor to support the heavy gym equipment

·   Television points behind the TV to keep the wires out of view

·   Strengthened ceiling for punchbags etc

·   Full climate control so that you can exercise comfortably

Free weights for home gym