How much do garden rooms cost?

How much do garden rooms cost
There are a number of garden rooms on the market from simple log cabins at one end to bespoke garden rooms at the other. They range in price from as little as £6,500 for a 3.5m x 2.5m (if you are prepared to build it yourself) and can be as much as £90,000 or more, for a bespoke top-of-the-range garden room.  

The price mainly depends on:

  1. The size
  2. What it is made from - Is it modular or bespoke?
  3. What is it constructed from? (SIP panels or timber frame)
  4. The finish - Is it clad in cedar or a treated timber finish externally, and is the interior plaster finished, or a melamine finish (the stuff you typically find in a caravan)?
  5. What features are included? French, sliding or Bifold doors? Are coloured doors and windows such as anthracite grey an upgrade? Are there any security features, what type of insulation does it have? What is the roof made from and more importantly, how long will it last?
Garden rooms are priced by the square metre, so if you are having a 4m x 3m, the total square meterage is 4x3= 12 sqm. The cost per square metre range is between £850 - £3,000 sqm according to  

Extra costs to look out for:

With so many options on the market and so many companies it can be confusing, so check to see what is included in the price and don’t be blinded by the headline price, because as soon as you start adding on the extras such as upgrading the colour of your doors from white to grey, you may find that your building is a lot more expensive than the price you were expecting.  

There are a few extras that you may need to budget for outside of the cost of the building:

  1. Site clearance – the site that your garden room will go on needs to be relatively level and clear from any trees, rockeries, outbuildings etc. Most reputable garden room companies will be able to give you a quote to do the work if you don’t want to do it yourself, but my advice would be to get a quote from a local gardener or labourer.
  2. Electrical connection – The garden room company will connect your garden room up to a supply, but you will need to have a cable connected to your house by a qualified electrician, running up to where your garden room is going. The cost of this depends on the distance from your house to your garden room, but for around 25m you would expect to be paying £850-1250 depending on where you are in the country. Again, the garden room company may be able to provide a quote, but it’s worth getting a local electrician to do the same.
  3. Planning permission – most garden rooms are built under permitted development, so long as they are under 30sqm and no higher than 2.5m. However, if you plan to go bigger than this or add utilities, then there is a fee of around £170 for the planning application.

The key things to check when you get your quote are:

  1. Does it include VAT, delivery and foundations?
  2. What material is the building clad in?
  3. What is the interior finish?
  4. What type of roof does it have?
  5. What guarantees/warrantees does the building come with?
  6. What type of doors and windows come as standard?
  7. What comes as standard in terms of electrics, lighting, heating and security?
  8. What’s the building made from?
  At My Retreat, we will always be competitive on price and we only ever make and install quality garden rooms that are built to last. Our garden rooms start from £21,702 for a 3m x 3m (you can have smaller), but whatever the size they all include:  
  1. 5-year guarantee on the structure, 10-year guarantee on the doors and windows and 15 years on the EPDM roof, all for your peace of mind.
  2. Made using top quality materials that are used in modern building techniques. We use SIPS panels, not timber frames for their exceptional insulating and noise reducing properties, requiring less energy and perfect temperatures.
  3. Clad in beautiful cedar as standard, not pressure treated timber.
  4. Plaster finished and painted white to give you the same look and feel as your home.
  5. Anthracite grey (outside and white on the inside) doors and a window to give it the modern and contemporary look.
  6. The doors come with smart ready Kubu technology as standard, which enables you to check if the door is locked from your mobile phone.
  7. Brushed chrome switches, sockets, spotlights and external up/downlights with PIR sensor are included
  8. EPDM roof which lasts longer than traditional felt roofs (min 15-years).
  9. All prices on the website include VAT, delivery, foundations and installation, the only other things you need to budget for are the electrical connection and ground clearance (if necessary). We don't like hidden costs.
  If you would like to find out more about what our garden rooms are made from, visit Garden Rooms Specifications   Other useful pages: Does a garden room add value to your home? Does a garden room require planning permission?

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