My Retreat Garden Rooms featured in an article on both Mail and Metro online this week.

We were so proud and delighted to be featured in an article on both the Mail Online & Metro this week. We were interviewed by the Mail/Metro to see how we had been affected by COVID and why we started My Retreat Garden Rooms.
We, like many of you, had to change the way we work and that involved working from home.  We understand how hard that can be, especially when school finishes and you are on that important Zoom call and your kids are trying to get your attention. That's what gave us the initial idea, and the fact we had a team of highly skilled carpenters and builders that we had no events work for, due to the pandemic ready to go.  If you missed the article or would like to read it CLICK HERE. We'd like to thank Mail Metro Media, Carol Driver and W8 Media for the opportunity.
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