Need some extra space? Then there are 5 reasons to consider a garden room. 

  1. Give yourself or your children some 'space'. Sometimes you need space to work, do yoga, work out or hang out and the house isn't big enough or private enough. Perhaps your kids are getting older and taking over the lounge with their friends, and you've got nowhere to go but the kitchen. The wonderful thing about a garden room is that you can have a home gym or office with a view of your garden or a separate games room for the kids, which gives them a little bit of privacy and you some peace and quiet. The great thing about a garden room is that it is multi-functional and will grow with you.
  2. It is cheaper than moving house.  When you take into account the deposit, conveyancing fees, local searches, stamp duty, estate agent fees etc, a home costing £289,909 will set you back around £32,216.89*. If you live in London and the South East that figure will be considerably more. Even then, you may not be able to find a new house in the right location or in the same school catchment area. What's more, you may love your house and not want to move! An average size garden room, say 5m x 3.5m, fully fitted will cost you about the same as the combined fees of moving house, however, when you come to sell your home, it can add value to your home and make it more saleable... *Source:
  3. Add value to your home. A garden room can add value to your property, so it's worth doing if you are thinking of selling or not. Plus, it is one of the simpler ways to add value as most of the messy work is done in our factory, it's not intrusive the same as an extension can be and buyers are looking for WFH office space or 'break-out' space for their kids or for a home gym. So how much does it add? Of course, it depends on where you live and the garden room you choose, but according to Chiswick estate agent, Chris Chalmers from Whitman and Co said, “A good garden room can add serious value to a home. With many more people working from home or choosing to ditch the gym for home exercise, we've seen demand steadily increase. In west London, where properties can sell for north of £1,000 per square foot, the addition of a garden room can add upwards of £100,000. When you consider a cost of around 20-25k this is at least 4x return on investment!”.
  4. A better alternative to an extension? Garden rooms have come a long way in the last few years. All our garden rooms have insulation in the floor, walls and ceiling, double-glazed windows and doors, heating, and lighting and some even have a toilet and shower. These are no sheds, but they are easier to construct than an extension because we don't need to knock down walls, dig foundations or remove your roof and we can have your garden room ready in as little as two weeks. Plus, all of our garden rooms are built within permitted development so no need for planning. Of course, there are exceptions so check here to see
  5. A space for everyone. Garden rooms are truly multi-use. It could be somewhere for your friends and family to stay occasionally, a place for you and your friends to hangout in your very own bar and games room, a cinema room that the whole family can enjoy, a studio for music or art, or a gym to save you an expensive gym membership.
Why choose My Retreat? My Retreat includes everything you need as standard rather than as an upgrade. Things such as;
  1. The base
  2. Plaster finish and decorators mist coat of paint
  3. Recessed electrics
  4. Foil back insulation as opposed to a cheaper alternative such as rock wool or foam
  5. Wall mounted heater
  6. Electrical connection to your house
  7. EPDM rubber roof instead of a metal/tin sheet
  8. Steel frame floor that never rots
  9. We offer a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind
  10. Our service is more personalised as you are speaking to the owners of the business rather than a call centre and we have teams of very loyal and experienced installers
  11. Our manufactured garden rooms (we also custom make them by hand) also come with a manufacturer-back warranty so you have the benefit of years of production experience
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