Do you want to paint your garden room? Then this is the cladding and paint we recommend…

One client told us that his plan was to paint his garden room black so that it didn't dominate the garden, and it would blend in with the shadows of the tall conifers behind. We recommended that if you want to paint your garden room, that you choose the treated timber finish, as there was no point in spending money on a more expensive wood if you are going to paint it.
So if you want to paint your Retreat, what sort of paint should you use? We would recommend using Bedec barn paint. It is traditionally used, (as the name suggests), on agricultural buildings as it provides excellent resistance against cracking, blistering & flaking, rain & severe weather, rot & algal build-up and has the benefit of a long-lasting finish, being easy to apply and has excellent colour retention. It comes in a range of colours available in semi-gloss, satin and matt finishes.
This is a gorgeous 8m x 3m Clifton garden room that will be used as office space and as a children's playroom. It has large opening French doors with a huge 2m x 1m window to let in plenty of light. We've equipped it with more plug sockets than the kids will ever need and a CAT6 internet connection to make sure Mum and Dad can work and Netflix doesn't buffer when the kids are playing or having a movie night. The garden backs onto a busy road and one of the main concerns of the client was being able to hear the noise of traffic. We used soundproof plasterboard on the back wall and the client just couldn't believe how quiet it was in their Retreat!
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